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Which is your favourite Metro novel by Glukhovsky?

Please vote after having read all three books from the trilogy.
What is your favourite novel from the Metro trilogy?
  • Metro 2033
  • Metro 2034
  • Metro 2035
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Please italicise names of novels

This is an issue that keeps coming up with new users, which is understandable as they may not be familiar with how things work here. Basically, we always italicise the names of books; this is done in order to avoid confusion and easily tell between Metro 2033 the game and the novel, etc. Thank you for your contributions and please adhere to this rule.
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REMINDER to all contributors regarding leaked material.

Hello one and all, this blog post is a reminder to all users, new and old, that leaked material is not allowed on this wiki. I myself have seen several leaked screenshots ahead of the E3 reveal, however in accordance with our wiki policy, we will not be hosting or detailing any leaked materials until they have been fully revealed by a 4A/Deep Silver/THQ Nordic staff member during any conference or gameplay showcase.

Any images will be deleted, information on pages will be rolled back, and users will get a friendly reminder on their page. Repeat offenders will have a short term band.
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A year-long journey across Russia in Metro Exodus

An interesting article from Andy Chalk about some new information in Metro Exodus!
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New Exodus Screenshots

Perhaps a spoiler for some, but I don't really see much info here. Interesting SS's nonetheless!
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Aurora Trailer

Somewhat of a little known trailer that was dropped not too long ago. Not too many views, but kinda hype!
Metro Exodus - The Aurora (Official Trailer)
Metro Exodus - The Aurora (Official Trailer) YouTube
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